Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A New Home.

Welcome Friends.

If you've come from our previous site, FordOlogy, thanks for following us over to our new home.
If you're brand new to Hunter & Hayden then buckle up for a wild ride.
We are excited to branch off from Mommy's site to specifically post on all things little.

Here we will be bringing you daily happenings, videos from our YouTube Channel, product reviews, travels, kid fashion, meal plans, diy kid craft ideas and so much more. 

WHY Chatter 'N Babble?
It all came to mind when mom and dad were talking about how much Hunter Chatters.
Being 2 and a half, he says the darndest things.
Every day mom and dad get an earful of chatter and it keeps them laughing.
They started a quote board and then a video recording account to catch the constant chatter.
And of course everyone knows that if a 2 year old Chatters... a 1 year old Babbles.
And so it was... Chatter 'N Babble.

WHO'S Behind CnB?
Meet Hunter.
Hunter is a wild, brute of a two and a half year old. 
He spends his days playing superhero, fighting off monster bears and bad guys protecting princess Hayden.
He loves to read, build his train tracks, paint, put together puzzles and wreck all sorts of havoc.
His favorite color is blue.
He loves apples, yogurt and goldfish.

Meet Hayden.
Hayden is our petite little firecracker princess.
Her red hair is an instant giveaway for her bold and LOUD personality.
At just 1 year old she is crawling (ALMOST WALKING) all over trying to keep up with big brother Hunter.
She enjoys putting everything she finds in her mouth, screeching at the top of her lungs in excitement and pulling out all of the Tupperware and throwing it around the kitchen.
Hayden loves milk, chicken and mostly any table food anyone will give her.

Meet Mom & Dad.
Mom is really the backbone of CnB.
She spends her days chasing us around, making our meals, keeping us entertained and working hard to teach us and raise us right.
Dad is the "behind the scenes" guy making all of our awesome travels happen, working hard so we have and do lots and occasionally gets cornered into being our photographer.
We are lucky to have such awesome parents.

We are so excited to have you reading and following along.
We look forward to sharing with you daily and hope that our Chatter 'N Babble brings happiness, ideas and laughter to your home.

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