Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Making Time Count.

Mom says that time goes so fast these days.
She is always saying "I can't believe its already March!" or "2015! Wow!"
I guess for us little people we just don't understand.
Its the same thing every day.
We wake up.
Mom feeds us.
We get dressed for the day.
Do morning chores.
Have some preschool and book time.
Take a nap.
Run errands.
Play some more.
Wait for Dad to get home. 
Eat dinner.
Play with dad.
Take baths.
Read Books.
Say our prayer.
Go to bed.
Then we do it all over again the next day.
Pretty routine and sometimes not time racing at all.
Being sick with croup for two and a half weeks definitely kept time dragging on for us.
It's amazing how much we did the last month, but crazy how it feels like we did nothing.
Funny how time works huh?

Even with our different schedules, busy or fast, sick or healthy, school or home, rainy days or sunny... it good to find ways to make the time you have count! 
Building memories when we are stuck inside or venturing out to learn new things.
Here's some things Chatter 'N Babble have been up to lately to MAKE TIME COUNT. 

LOTS of Bike Rides.

Making Things.

Getting Handsome HairCuts.

Reading and Practing our Numbers.

Building Forts when we are sick.
Pretending we are in a ROCK BAND with moms pots and pans.
 Finding our Independence.

 Exploring new places.
 Hanging out with our best friend.

Whats your favorite way to MAKE TIME COUNT?
We like to hear how our friends are making time count so leave a comment below! 

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