Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rising Moon Adventures Review!

We are so excited to bring to you today, our FIRST Product review with Chatter 'N Babble.
We LOVE when we come across a product that is perfect for the Chatterer (toddler) and Rising Moon Adventures has just the thing.

Olea, owner and creator at Rising Moon Adventures, has created dozens of felt stories perfect for those kids who need a quiet time activity or love to read and learn.
From stories like The Five Little Ducks and Old McDonald's Farm to David and Goliath and Noah's Ark, there stories for each child in your home. 

About The Shop.
Olea, the brilliantly talented mommy behind Rising Moon Adventures, started drawing her first picture book, an ABC Book, when she was pregnant with her oldest child in 1999. 
She said her daughter and son have been the inspiration behind everything she creates. Because of the happiness her stories have brought to her children, she decided to share with others. (Lucky Us)
A fun fact about how she decided on the name of her business was that her name, Olea means "moon" and she has always felt that any kind of reading is an adventure. 
Olea hopes that her felt stories can help provide adventures for you and your children! 

The Product. 
Each of the felt stories are hand drawn, scanned into a computer, colored, printed on to transfer paper and ironed on to felt. 
Because of how they are put together, they are VERY durable and can even be hand-washed with a gentle detergent. 
A total MUST have quality for any family with sticky fingered spilled milk littles like us! 

Each story/song comes with a laminated copy of the story that includes highlighted words when a picture needs to be added to the board. 

Rising Moon Adventures offer a wide range of stories that include fables and fairy tales, songs, nursery rhymes and scripture stories.
They are perfect for traveling in the car, quiet time at church, and quality time with mom and dad. 
These felt stories are also great for inspiring imaginative play after the stories have been read.

Our Thoughts.
In complete toddler honesty there wasn't ANYTHING we didn't like about our Rising Moon Adventure stories.
We were sent Noah's Ark and Cinderella to use and review.
Immediately the Chatterer was drawn to Noah's Ark and all of the animals. 
(Toddler Boys seem to have a thing for animals and making scary animal noises)
Hunter dumped all the pieces out, started telling mom which animal was which and accompanied her acknowledgment with a lion "RAWR", a monkey "OOH OOH AAH" or snake "HISS". 

There is the IMAGINATIVE part these stories are so great to bring out! 
Hunter loved getting to move the pieces around the board and put them where he wanted.
It was great while mom read the story for him to hear things and then find the piece that belonged on the board for that part of the story.
The pictures pieces are colorful and cute that they make it fun to play with.
Hunter grabbed a few animals and at one point made up his own story on the board.
The pieces are so well made that even some squished pieces in busy toddler hands and a piece or two in a baby's mouth, still look great and stick to the board! 
Incredible quality.

The family friendly cost of these stories are great also.
Fits into both piggy bank and mommy budgets! 

Thanks so much to Olea for these awesome felt stories.
You have made a one of kinda, quality product that we love and we will for sure be heading to buy some more real soon.

Be sure to head over to Rising Moon Adventures to order some felt stories for your littles now and to check out their other great products! 

You can follow Rising Moon Adventures on their FACEBOOK page to stay up to date with updates and giveaways! 

Utah locals, you can also find Rising Moon Adventures in both Ogden and American Fork Quilted Bear Stores! 
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